M12 Lens Holders, Camera Lens Adapters, and Accessories

Lens Holders, Adapters, Filters, and Misc Camera Accessories

Board mount cameras require different components to utilize a M12 Lens or M7 / M8 Lens. We offer a number of off-the-shelf board mount lens holders and focus locking rings that will allow you to use our M12 lenses. We also offer lens adapters to use M12 lenses with C-mount cameras, M7 and M8 lenses with M12 holders. We also provide IR Cut Off Switchers that can be used for Day-to-Night applications and M12 Lens auto-focus motors (VCMs) for electronic focus control.

Lens Mounts

Adapters and Focus Lock Rings

M12 Autofocus VCMs and IR Cut Off Exchangers (contact Us for More Products)

Unmounted Optical Filters For M12 Lenses

Miscellaneous Odds and Ends To Make Your Life Easier