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35mm Board Mount Lens
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35mm M12 Lens For Up To 1/1.2" Sensors such as IMX585

Telephoto 35mm M12 Lens

The CIL350 is a low distortion telephoto 35mm M12 lens which provides an 11° Horizontal Field of View on 1/2.3" type sensors. The lens is suitable for 1/1.7" image sensors with 10MP and up to 2/3" type format.
Selected Part Number is: CIL350-F2.4-M12A650
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There are 72 units CIL350-F2.4-M12A650 (F/2.4 / M12A / With 650nm IRC Filter) in stock in the US.

There are 34 units CIL350-F2.4-M12ANIR (F/2.4 / M12A / Without Filter) in stock in the US.

Lens Features

Telephoto Field of View

A long 35mm EFL is suitable for machine vision and telephoto applications.

Large Format

Suitable for large format sensors up to 2/3" such as IMX485 and IMX260

Optical and Mechanical Specification Table
Lens Parameter Performance Detail
Part NumberCIL350
Format Type1/1.2"
F#2.4 Fixed
Field of View11° @ 6.2mm
Calculate for your sensor using our M12 Lens Calculator
Image Circle10mm
Distortion 0% TV
IR Cut-Off FilterP/N With: CIL350-F2.4-M12A650
P/N Without: CIL350-F2.4-M12ANIR
ConstructionAll-glass all-metal
Mechanical Variants
Variant Description
"M12A" No Ingress Protection, BBAR on Lens 1 Surface 1, AL6061 Cap+Barrel

Mechanical Layout

35mm M12 Lens FLIR Basler Lucid Triton Camera.webp__PID:5ea3aaa0-aa97-4964-b13b-1f5d6bb8dad7
Camera Mechanical Compatibility Table*
Camera/Mount Compatibility
Commonlands Compatible Mount CLA019
e-con Systems S-Mount 8mm-13mm tall M12 lens holder
Allied Vision Alvium S-Mount Yes
FLIR Blackfly S Board Yes
iDS uEye LE Rev1.1: Yes, Rev1.2: Yes
The Imaging Source M12 Yes
Basler Dart S-Mount Yes

*Mechanical compatibility only, assuming the standard M12x0.5 lens mount provided by the camera manufacturer. Please check optical compatibility separately.

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Engineering & Quality Assured

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