Bring your Custom Camera to Life

Contract Development Services

Whether you've been tasked with building the camera for your robotics system or have decided to develop a custom camera for your company, we can help you bring your product from the idea stage to mass production.

Custom Aerial Robotics Camera
Design Your Dome Camera for Surveillance Systems

Camera & Optics Application Engineering

Define Your Imaging Requirements

We help you talk through system-level camera trade-offs to holistically consider product-level goals, technical requirements, and implementation feasibility. We typically begin with high-level object recognition and detection project goals. After an initial discussion, we take a deep dive into the front-end hardware system architecture to ensure that your system is manufacturable.

Camera Prototype Development Support

Develop with Partners

We align ground-level technical system requirements with commercially-viable options to help you meet your cost targets. Most importantly, we will introduce you to trusted industry partners who have extensive experience bringing imaging hardware solutions to the market. We can then assist your camera hardware development conversations to ensure that you are aware of risks that are not surfaced by the manufacturer's representatives.

Nikon Camera Design and Tear Down
Camera Manufacturing Partners and Support

NPI Project Management and Operations Management

Manufacture Your Camera

We can support you throughout the NPI development process with domestic and overseas manufacturers. Our optical design, camera manufacturing, and image quality testing expertise have been developed throughout the delivery of 250k+ units across 50+ camera projects across 5+ market verticals and applications.

Let us know how we can help you with your custom camera project!