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Get Started With Our Free Camera Calculators 

Start Your Optics Selection Process with Free Online Camera Calculators

Wondering how to calculate the field of view or depth of field? Our calculators help you determine which lens and image sensor combination is optimal. 

Lens Focal Length Calculator. EFL Calculator.
Camera Angle of View Calculator. Camera AoV Calculator.
Camera Depth of Field Calculator. DoF Calculator.
An FoV Calculator for Vision System Cameras
Lens Focal Length Calculator. EFL Calculator.
Camera Angle of View Calculator. Camera AoV Calculator.
Camera Depth of Field Calculator. DoF Calculator.
An FoV Calculator for Vision System Cameras

Robotics / Automotive

Computer Vision Camera Lenses

Find a lens suitable for your custom robotics project. Example use-cases include automotive, warehouse automation robotics, and agricultural drones.

Surveillance / ITS

Wide-Angle, Fisheyes, and Fast C-Mount

Customize your OEM Camera with our M12 and C-Mount lenses. Examples include retail traffic measurement cameras and building occupancy counters.

Factory Automation

Adjustable F# and Working distance

Enhance your machine vision system by selecting an adjustable focus C-Mount lenses that are adaptable to any situation and with a larger format.

Identify a Solution Using Our M12 Lens Finder and Field of view Calculator

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Engineering & Quality Assured

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US Engineering Support

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Easy Global Shipment

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Volume Production Ready

Increase your Production-Level Unit-to-Unit Image Quality


What's Your Application? Our Lenses Cover the Spectrum.

Mobile Robotics?

Find a low F# or low distortion lens to optimize your computer vision.

Factory Machine Vision?

Our cost-effective compact C-Mount lenses are designed for up to 1.1"~1.2" format global shutter sensors.

Intelligent Everywhere?

Our low distortion lenses with multiple F# can be used to optimize your depth of field.


Our fisheye and IR Corrected lenses are suitable for doorbell cameras and active IR illuminated scenes.

Wide-Angle 3.6mm Lens


Wide-Angle 3.6mm Lens

200°@5.5mm Fisheye M12 Lens


200°@5.5mm Fisheye M12 Lens

Wide-Angle 4mm M12 Lens


Wide-Angle 4mm M12 Lens

Does it Require Getting Dirty?

Our IP67 and IP69K lenses are suitable for applications exposed to the environment.

Aerial Robotics?

Our tiny lenses are ideal for collision avoidance and object recognition.

Find A Lens For Your Project Using our Advanced M12 Lens Calculator

Select from More than 50 Off-the-Shelf Board-Level Lenses

We provide cost-effective M12 lenses and CS mount lenses to help you get started quickly. Our M12 lens calculator provides the Field of View of our lenses on any sensor.


An M12 lens is a small lens for 12mm diameter threaded mounts. Our lenses range from 1mm to 25mm EFL and include fisheye, wide-angle, and no-distortion lenses.

Find an M12 lens

Interested in Customizations?

We offer several customizations for our lenses. Contact us to discuss feasibility, Minimum Order Quantities, and NRE requirements.

  • Custom filters (bandpass, dual notch, etc..)
  • Customized higher F# 
  • Barrel mechanical design adjustments (e.g. active alignment, ingress protection)
  • Hydrophobic coating on front optical surface
  • Preassembly with M12 lens holders to reduce anodization debris and match torque
  • Optical data (MTF, EFL, etc..) with serialized unit-level traceability

We also consider full custom lens designs starting from 5,000pcs.

Looking for recommendations, trying to figure out where to start, Or Want to Discuss Customizations?
Contact our US-based Optical Engineers.