Technical Expertise in Project Management, Optics, Image Quality, and Camera Engineering


We have managed the international manufacturing process for over 50 different camera projects, resulting in >200k lenses shipped across the autonomous vehicle, factory automation, medical, and VR360 industries. We're happy to share our deep technical knowledge about cameras around the world, from mass production-ready systems to DIY surveillance systems and professional photography.

Experience in Camera Hardware for Computer Vision, Robotics, Video Conferencing, and More

A Few Past Projects

Client 1: Fortune 50 company. Defined go-to-market strategies and competitive landscapes for an open source computer vision ecosystem, including systems for capture, ingest, processing, and annotation.

Client 2: Seed Stage Video Conferencing Company. Led NPI project management for a catadioptric (mirror-based) 360degree video-conferencing camera. Managed 7+ international optical, hardware, and software vendors through multiple prototyping and production phases. Completed image quality testing and provide input into opto-mechanical design/tolerances.

Client 3: Legacy US Camera Company. Tested 5+ new camera designs, developed image quality standards and designed an afocal viewfinder for consumer point and shoot cameras.

Client 4: Industrial Robotics Engineering Company. Assisted 6 different projects/teams with business development efforts, lens selection, and image quality testing. Reviewed corporate strategy and product positioning.

Client 5: Pre-Seed Agricultural Imaging Startup. Upgraded and sourced a new multi-spectral imaging system.

Client 6: Series B Security Robotics Company. Reviewed camera performance and source new surround-view camera hardware.

Client 7: Series D Robotic Kiosk Company. Upgraded and sourced a new camera used for machine vision tasks. 

A Background in Sales Management, Optical Engineering, Camera Module Assembly, and Image Quality Testing

About Max Henkart

Max is a University of Rochester Optical Engineer who spent 5 years as a technical sales manager and applications engineer with Sunex Inc.. Sunex is a top 5 high volume board-mount lens and camera module manufacturer for automotive Tier 1's and security/surveillance OEMs. At Sunex, he was responsible for customer lens selection, optical design optimization, end-to-end project management, inbound sales management, and customer support.

After Sunex, Max returned to get his MBA at Carnegie Mellon University where he also spent time across campus in robotics and computer vision classes. Max started Commonlands in 2018 while completing a venture capital internship with LDV Capital. He self-taught himself Image Quality Testing while pursuing a now-defunct startup during this period of time. He is also the CEO of Sparkline, Inc, a computer vision startup.

Max Henkart Headshot Picture May 2020