This Camera FoV Calculator uses the Lens EFL, Distortion, and an Image Sensor.

Camera Field of View Calculator

A Camera Field of View Calculator. This Picture Shows a Lens Field of View and the Calculator Details.
A Camera Field of View Calculator. This Picture Shows a Lens Field of View and the Calculator Details.

This calculator provides the camera's field of view based on an image sensor and a lens. The field of view of a camera is dependent upon the focal length of the lens, the image sensor size, the lens distortion, and the lens image circle. We also have a wide angle lens FoV calculator which provides the field of view for our lenses on your camera's sensor.

Camera Field of View Equations

The Calculator:

There are 4 inputs for the field of view of a camera.

1.) The effective focal length of the lens (EFL)
The EFL of a lens is a first order optical parameter. It should not be confused with the Back Focal Length (BFL) or the Flange Focal Distance (FFD) which are mechanical parameters.

2.) The image sensor active area
The image sensor active area is calculated by using the pixel size and the total number pixels in the resulting image/video. If the output image or video is cropped, the field of view will change.

3.) The relative illumination of a lens
The relative illumination is the reduction of light transmitted through a lens, as a function of position in image space. The camera industry loosely uses the term “Image Circle” as the position in image space where relative illumination is ~50%. 

4.) The distortion of a lens
Lens distortion is an aberration that occurs in optical design. Distortion is common in wide angle and fisheye lenses, but can occur in normal field of view lenses. Distortion increases the Field of View of a lens by compressing the angular resolution.

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