This Camera Calculator finds the Lens Focal Length From the Target Field of View

Camera Lens Effective Focal Length Calculator

A Camera Focal Length Calculator. This Calculates a Lens EFL for Cameras.
A Camera Focal Length Calculator. This Calculates a Lens EFL for Cameras.

This effective focal length calculator helps you select a lens to use with your camera. The calculator takes your target field of view (angle of view) and camera specification then provides the required lens EFL.

The calculator uses the camera lens focal length equation. This formula is different than the lens maker's equation which is intended for simple thin lens elements.

The Optical Effective Focal Length (EFL) should not be confused with the Mechanical Back-Focal Length (BFL). The EFL determines the field of view of the camera while the BFL determines whether a lens will focus on a camera.

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IR Corrected 12mm M12 Lens

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Wide-Angle 7.8mm M12 Lens

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All Glass Low Distortion 2.8mm M12 Lens

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